Monday, April 9, 2007

The Prime Minister and Rama Navami?

March 28, 2007 - Chaitra 9, 2064 vikram.

The day may have been an important one in the Hindu calendar, celebrated as Rama Navami - the birthday of Rama, but it is just another day for the Government of India. The birthday of Rama, doesn't appear on the Government of India's compulsory holiday calendar, just like Janmashtami - the birthday of Sri Krishna, or Holi - the day of Narsimha. All these Hindu holidays appear in the pool of optional holidays, from which employees can choose a few.

But before we get carried away too far, let us remind ourselves that India is a secular state, and Hindus are welcome to celebrate the compulsory offs on the birthdays of Prophet Mohammad with Muslims, of Jesus Christ with Christians, of Gautama Buddha with Buddhists, of Mahaveer Swami with Jains, of Guru Nanak with Sikhs, and then of course, that of Mahatma Gandhi. All of these birthdays are mandatory holidays enforced as compulsary by the government.

Then, how can someone be so dim-witted as to expect national holidays on the birthdays of Rama and Krishna! What have they contributed to India, in comparison to let's say, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammad?

The Prime Minister's Office generally conducts the ritual of issuing public greetings on major festivals through press releases in the media. But, well, not on Rama Navami. Besides, Hindus should learn to be more secular, and give up such mundane things as celebrating Rama Navami.

Hindus should be wiser than to expect the Prime Minister to be brought down to such things as greeting them on Rama Navami. Dr. Singh is above such nonsense. Remember, he did not even have time for attending the centenary celebration of Vande Mataram, the national song.

Besides, to be honest, the Prime Minister was very busy entertaining the state guests from the Land of the Faithful - Arabia. Yes, you got it. While you might have been celebrating Rama Navami, the Prime Minister was busy cementing ties with Arabia. His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Sultan of Dubai, was on his two-day state visit to India. How could the Prime Minister have offended the state guest by greeting kafirs on one of their kufraful festivals?

When will Hindus learn to be civilized? They still celebrate their festivals like Holi and Diwali! Last Diwali, how much Delhi Chief Minister Ms. Shiela Dixit urged these Hindus, not to use fire crackers, but do they listen? How much noise they create on Diwali, not to mention the air pollution they cause and animals they frighten, Ms. Dixit wondered. Such lack of civic sense! In fact, just like Holi, let us also drop Diwali from the holiday list, we suggest.

Of course, Bakrid, which would be occurring not once but twice this year, is declared a compulsory national holiday on both the days. Dr. Singh and Ms. Dixit will not only share the great sacrifice with the Religion of 'Peace', but also the compassion that would be bestowed upon millions of 'fortunate' goats, sheep and cows. (to be slaughtered for the festival.)

Hindus should learn. Hindus must be thankful to your government Dr. Singh for your service, but they are really a thankless lot.

Dr. Singh, we suggest just continue ignoring them, as well as Rama Navami.

{Added Later: It was on the Rama Navami day this year, that the Dredger-Ship Aquarius was dispatched to start dredging in the Setu Area. I dont think anymore that it is ironic. It is all well-planned. Well done Prime Minsiter!}

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