Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Setu Bandhana Asana

Yoga is a philosophy of integrating oneself with the whole universe. It teaches us to treat every entity of the universe with respect, no matter how insignificant it might appear - they are all part of one's own self. Asanas, the postures, are one of the eight limbs of Yoga. Different Asanas are dedicated and named after different things with respect, not only to humans - but even to animals, fish, insects, trees, and even to rocks and stones.

So, how could Yoga leave out something as important in tradition as the Setu? As a matter of fact, it did not! There is one very important and useful posture in Yoga, dedicated to Setu Bandhana!

Above images show a perfect Setu Bandhana posture, by an advanced yogabhyasi.

Click on play button below to see an instructor perform a simplified version of the Setu Bandhana Asana for beginners. Please note that you should not attempt to perform Asanas without direct guidance from an able instructor.

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