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June 15, 2007 - Rameshwaram Ram Setu Padayatra

Ram Sethu - Padayatra - Appeal - Tourism - A story
Came in e-mail from Sri Sanjay Shirodkar

To save Ram Sethu a Padayatra was organized by Col. Rajan and Sanjay Shirodkar during 20th May 2007 to 14th June 2007 from Chennai – Puducherry – Tanjavoor – Madurai – Ramnad – Rameshwaram. We have collected more that 10,000 signatures also. We did something productive for our motherland and it was a good learning experience also. Seeing Ram Sethu at Sethukarai village samudram was the most memorable experience. Walking under 37 degree celcius was not an easy task.

No health problems. I extend my regards to Sangh pariwar workers (RSS, BJP, VHP) & Hindu Munneni workers, without their assistance (especially Bhaskarji and his team from Chengalpattu, Shridharji and his team from Chidambaram, Sanilji & his team from Puducherry and Adalrasan & his team from Ramnad and Nagaraj & his team from Paramkudi), it was a big zero. Please forward my regards to Suryanarayan Raoji and Rama Gopalanji.

Post padayatra and after discussing this issue with local people, expert's and master mariner's. I can confidently say that this Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) project is Bogus, Bunk and should be scrapped immediately. To prove this, comments from expert's like Dr. S Badrinarayan, Dr. SR Rao, Dr. Kalyanraman, V. Sundaram ex-IAS, Prof Tad Murthy, Capt Balakrishnan, CSP Iyer are readily available. Why don't this UPA government cross check their statements and keep the truth in front of the people? If we Hindus together, don't push then this will turn as "One more looting program of India", and lead to a fraud of Rs. 2234 crores.

Capt Balakrishnan's report have reached to Defence Minister AK Antony, Courtesy Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. He showed a great conern. Normally our Defence budgets are low and on top of that Indian Navy always find short of funds. In this current dire strait situation, why don't this brainless UPA government divert these funds to Indian Navy instead of wasting on a bogus project like SSCP. In that region no alignment is viable. This SSCP will be a waste of money, labour, time, fuel everything.

Visiting Sethukarai village samudram, which is 15kms away from Ramnathapuram and seeing Ram Sethu with your own eyes, was the most memorable experience. It's unbelievable. They say, that Ram Sethu actually starts from Sethukarai. From Sethukarai seashore it is hardly 2-3 kms inside the sea and with normal fisherman's boat you can visit that holy place. Every person in the world should go and see this amazing structure.

Instead of destroying this, if this state and central government promote this Ram Setu as one the Greatest Wonders of the World and declare as International Heritage Site and advertise properly to appeal national and international tourist to visit this place, I am sure response will be over whelming. Both governments can earn much more than the SSCP budget. The best part is, this income will be recurring and never ending. This will leave behind Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Char Minar or any other monuments of Bharat by miles.

I appeal to both Tamilnadu and Central government to think on this track and act fast.

Jaihind! ……… Sanjay

Author can be contacted - sanjay.shirodkar at gmail dot com.
{Thank you very much Sri Sanjay ji for your inspiring story and efforts! We need a lot more similar effort by lot more people of Bharat. May we be blessed with many more Sanjay Shirodkars and Col. Rajans. - team}

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