Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 7, 2007

kritam may dakhshine haste, jayo may savyaahitah !!!
"Effort is in my right hand, and victory in my left"
Atharva Veda (7.52.8)

Sonia's anti-Hindu perfidy & Baalu's Dravidian falsehood - V Sundaram

All the Hindus of India are very happy that Dr Subramanian Swami has issued a clarificatory and self-explanatory, indeed a historic statement, yesterday to the effect that the Government of India are abandoning their plans to breach RAMA SETU. {Comment - see that statement in below posting of yesterday}

The following facts are seemingly coming to public view following his statement:

1. The Government of India deputed the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Pachouri to fly by special plane to Jhoteshwar, Madhya Pradesh to meet Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, one of the Jagadguru Shankaracharyas at his Ashram. Suresh Pachouri, met him yesterday afternoon to seek the Acharya's help in containing the growing VHP-led agitation for protecting the Rama Setu.

2. It is reliably understood that Pachauri told the Acharya that the Centre has decided to abandon the plan to breach the Rama Setu for the Setu Samudram Canal Project, and that it is seeking 'an amicable way out'.

3. It is learnt from my sources in the Government of India that the Prime Minister has also told the Union Shipping Minister, T R Baalu 'not to touch the Rama Setu'.

4. After a one-to-one talk with Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati at the latter's Ashram at Jhoteshwar near here for about 20 minutes last night, Pachouri told UNI that he would convey to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other Ministers concerned about the discussion he had with the Shankaracharya.

5. After the talks, Swami Swaroopanand told UNI that he was optimistic that the central government would forthwith stop the demolition of the Ram Setu as it is a centre of religious faith for Hindus.

The nation as a whole is highly amused by the reported news item that Sonia Gandhi wants to corner the glory and the credit for saving Ram Setu making the stellar role played by the VHP and the RSS in organizing the country-wide movement for the protection of Ram Setu trivial and insignificant. When Mahatma Gandhi called off the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1922 following the Chauri Chaura Massacre in UP, he called it a HIMALAYAN BLUNDER. He said "If I make a mistake, I will not hesitate to retrace my steps and claim from the housetop that I was wrong?".

Thus there was nothing mysterious or nefarious or subterranean about the ways of Mahatma Gandhi He was both moral and humble. We cannot expect Sonia Gandhi to follow Mahatma Gandhi's example because she is neither moral nor humble. She can only re-enact a sham Dandi March or organize the humbug of a World Satyagraha Conference. Today's disgusting and disgraceful Congressmen fall at her feet only because of her such imperious qualities!!

Only a mass movement can save Ram Setu - Central Chronicle
J.G. Arora , ex-Chief Commissioner of IT

Religion is a matter of faith. And for Hindus, Ram Setu is the ancient-most and sacred symbol of their faith, heritage and history. Only a peaceful and nation-wide mass movement launched by social, political and religious organizations all over the country can save Ram Setu from demolition.

Illegal and unconstitutional
Hon. Supreme Court's observations given vide paragraph number 7 of its judgement reported as S. Veerabadran Chettiar v. E. V. Ramaswami Naicker and others (AIR 1958 Supreme Court 1032) are relevant, and are reproduced as follows:

".... Any object however trivial or destitute of real value in itself if regarded as sacred by any class of persons would come within the meaning of the penal section (295 of Indian Penal Code). Nor is it absolutely necessary that the object, in order to be held sacred, should have been actually worshipped. An object may be held sacred by a class of persons without being worshipped by them. It is clear, therefore, that the courts below were rather cynical in so lightly brushing aside the religious susceptibilities of that class of persons to which the complainant claims to belong. The section has been intended to respect the religious susceptibilities of persons of different religious persuasions or creeds. Courts have got to be very circumspect in such matters, and to pay due regard to the feelings and religious emotions of different classes of persons with different beliefs, irrespective of the consideration whether or not they share those beliefs, or whether they are rational or otherwise, in the opinion of the court."

In view of the principles stipulated in the Supreme Court's above-mentioned judgement, Ram Setu is a sacred object for Hindus within the meaning of section 295 of Indian Penal Code, and any action destroying, damaging or defiling the said sacred object will insult the religious feelings of Hindus under section 295 of Indian Penal Code.

Our Comments: {Thank you Sri Arora. In our opinion, it would be futile to expect government to come to senses. Only options left are pubic agitation, and court room. Both must be and are being parallelly acted upon.}

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