Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 14, 2007 Rama Setu: volcanic rocks in Gulf of Mannar

Dr. Kalyanaraman wrote:

Rama Setu is geothermally active (Rama Setu: volcanic rocks in Gulf of Mannar) The evidence is consistent with the description of eruption in the sea provided in Valmiki Ramayana (Yuddha Kanda, Sarga 21, Rama's victory over Samudra, Indian Ocean).

A catalog of about 90 tsunamis in the Indian Ocean has been prepared. The list of tsunamis are dated from 326 Before Common Era to Dec. 26, 2004. The tsunami of 326 BCE occurred in Indus delta/Kutch region; and the tsunami of about 500 Common Era occurred in Poompuhar, Tamilnadu, probably due to Krakatau eruption. A third tsunami is dated to 900 Common Era at Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu, maybe from Sunda-Andaman arc. [BK Rastogi and RK Jaiswal, 2006, National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, Science of Tsunami Hazards, Vol. 25, No. 3, pages 128-143 (2006)].

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