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August 13, 2007 (2): Humbled by Public Outrage, Government Backs Out

The silver lining in the whole episode is, that the sleeping Hindu is waking up.

Nationwide public outrage was such, which this make-shift government has not seen so far in its tenure. Traffic - both road and railways was heavily disrupted at several places, every town small or big witnessed, sit-ins and marches, some towns like Indore in MP, Giridih in Bihar, and Hissar in Haryana also witnessed angry protesters turning violent. Overall, there was only one talk of town - Ramasetu, and Government's blasphemous insult.

The Internet users were active in outpuring their anger too. Usually this website receives about 100 visitors per day, and about a dozen e-mails from them per week. However, ever since the Government of India has committed the blasphemous act of insulting people's faith, the people have woken up and the number of visitors and e-mails that has gone up manifold is an indicator of that.

Remarks from the angry commentors on the Zee News website showcases the public mood:

We want Hindu rastra. Deport Sonia to ROme. - Bharatvasrh

We want election now. Time to kick out Christian and Sikh government. - Ramchandra

It is a shame we all HINDUS in a HINDU nation are undergoing great insult under a sikh and christian arrogant rulers!!! UPA has damaged the hearts of all HINDUS and have to step down and declare election and get elected again, thus proving they were right in their action. Will they do it, NO, they will not, they are power hungry animals!!! - Balu

I feel sorry for the ZEE NEWS . As they have made this issue between BJP and comgress . They are not bothered what a HINDU feels about this . - Omprakash Desai

Our sentiments, the Hindus of this country, have been trampled upon so an apology must be made to us by the government. The Ram Setu is our national heritage and must be preserved at all cost. My question to the government is what is more important? Economics or our sentiments?? - kumud

as per ramayana every place is there in india and in shrilanks as mention in ramayana granth. every place is true as setu bridge between india and shri lanka. so no point to say rama was there or not. he is god and he is everywhere and as true and sun or earth or moon. - anil

The person ASI C. Dorjee,who appears by name to be Buddhist and who has filed the affidavit must have sworn by Budha. Has he got any archeological proof that Budha was a God .To me Budha was an ordinary human being like ASI C. Dorjee . Why did he swear a false affidavit ? He needs to be prosecuted for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. - Rahul

When Ayodhya is there,Mithila,Janakpur,Dandakvan and Pampasarovar(Sabri`s place) is there,Sri Lanka is there and a visible Setu is there then isn`t Lord Sri Ram ever existed. - Mohit

It`s not just the question of religion or belief alone. It`s shocking that no scientific study have been conducted before breaking such a natural structure. There have been scientific publications which suggests against the project, and govt has constituted not a single scientific experts group to study on the after effects of breaking this natural barrier to tsunami waves. Where are the self styled eco-lovers gone? - sreejith

Send Ambika and Sonia to Jail. She had insulted our religion. - Rajan


It seems that the next stand that the Central Government will take is that all the temples, mosques, churches, Gurudwaras etc should be demolished because there is no "scientific" proof that God, Allaha, Brahaman or any form of spirituality exists. It seems that the ASI is on an ego trip like an eighteen year old who performed his fist physics or chemistry experiment in school. It also seems that the Central Govt. department does not know its limitations where it should not make statements. In a secular society all religious sentiments must be respected including those of the majority. In this context I support Mr. Advani that the Prime minister must apologize and fire senior employees of the Archaeological Survey of India. If this does not happen the Hindus must wake up and unite to defeat such Godless people who are devoid of sensitivities towards majority religion people. I have worked as a researcher in the field of engineering science for 35 years. I fail to understand how a person with true scientific knowledge can be so devoid of humility and sensitivity. - Raj

Funny comments - Indian

Congress does not fear to hurt Hindu sentiments. It is their secularism. If such projects hurt the sentiments of other religion, will the Congress party ever do it? Now they got the courage even to say that Rama or Ramayana ever existed or no proof. Tomorrow they may say that there is no proof that Hindu religion ever existed. This is what the Christian missionaries say to the tribes for converting them to their religion. This will continue till the secularism comes to an end or till Hindu religion remaining in majority. When Hindu became a minority, that is the end of secularism. The current term for secularism means Hindu-biting. - R.Menon

The Affidavit was sworn in the name of which God? Is there any historical or archeological evidence of existence of such a God by which the affidavit was sworn? If NO then that God must be a Fraud and non existent. It is high time that such blasphemous affidavit should be thrown out and the person responsible for filing such affidavits is prosecuted. If there is No Ram then there is no Allah and there is no Christ or God. The person filing such an affidavit must be a Muslim or a Christian Lord Ram has produced the Left which will throw Sonia and PM and their Govt .to a place they deserve. - Vishnu Bhagwan

If construction of cannel from Ram Setu is in favor of Countries economy then we are ready to go ahead, but goverment should not doubt about the existance of Lord Ram. If govm. is doubting the Exitance of Ram then this same applicable for others & so need to stop Haj subsidy - Indian

Mr. Bond u r right in saying y shd. sonia apologise how can any Indian expect such an irresponsible selfish person to apologise that too on a issue related to Indian religion or history wht she knows abt these to comment or disscuss or for that matter apologise.. we have never seen such ignorant person in our national politics till date. - Sumit

The terrorist are responsible for the happening in Gujarat as they burnt the human beings alive in Godhra.This is the teaching of Quran that kill the non believers. It is written and recited thousand times in Quran. The Quran teaches terrorism of which Mr Bond appears to a follower. If there is no Godhra there will never be a Gujrat.. - Naidu

Dear Sir, It is very strength to heard that, the this congress govt. at centre testing the paitence of 90 crores Hindus In India and abroad. The most media in India are with the suade scular Govt, Communost, Lesftist, Atheiest, Mao and Minority . Where we leave and stay. Being a hindu I am afraid, we will be finished by the coming 20-50 here by the so called Soni Gandi-Italian Lady, who is the remote controll in presnt state of affirs. We the hindus has been perished by the so called Muslim, chrisitna missionaris in India. This govr has lost its mental balance, otherwise they never dare to challange the very existence of LORD RAM. GOD of the eitire Universe. why not dare to talk the existen of Allha and Jesus. Because there vote bank will goes some where. God bless there mind less non sence congress and Leftist. Pabitra - CS.Pabitra Mohan

So, after a day full of protests throughout India and abroad, Government has chickened out. Even several of their own supporters came out in open to criticise the Govt stand, and distanced themselves from it. Now Government is looking for safe way to back out and a way to save face of their christianist leader Sonia Gandhi and namesake Prime Minister, pseudo-Secular Manmohan Singh.

In the end, they humbled out and announced to take the affidavit back.

Pioneer Reports:

Lord Ram prevails
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Scared Congress scurries for cover

It is stunningly absurd that the UPA Government should have submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court claiming Lord Ram did not exist and the sacred texts, notably Valmiki's Ramayan and Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, associated with an icon deeply revered by millions of Hindus in India and abroad and who, in many ways, is central to the Hindu ethos of dharma, lack historical basis. To slyly suggest, as the Congress's apologists have done 24 hours later, that the affidavit was filed by the Archaeological Survey of India without the clearance of the Union Law Ministry and, therefore, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues are not to be blamed for the shocking assertion which pours ridicule on the faith of Hindus, is disingenuous. The ASI's affidavit is in response to a specific query by the Supreme Court about the antiquity of what many Hindus believe is 'Ram Setu' -- the bridge built by Hanuman and his vaanar sena for Lord Ram to cross the sea and reach Lanka to rescue Sita -- which faces destruction on account of the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project. The ASI would have been perfectly justified to state in its affidavit that it does not have any scientific evidence about the structure's antiquity, but it chose to go beyond its brief and cast serious aspersion on the belief of vast sections of Hindus. Such transgression -- as anybody aware of how bureaucracy responds to sensitive issues would aver -- which amounts to making a political statement, would not have occurred had there been no political directive. Perhaps those behind this attempt to negate India's cultural heritage and civilisational identity had not expected there would be a tidal wave of angry response, but this only shows the ineptness of those in power who believe their crudity will go unnoticed by Hindus and yet fetch them the votes of Muslims.

The BJP has done the right thing by exposing the sinister motive of the Congress and Mr LK Advani's trenchant comment, that the "Congress's pseudo-secularism has degenerated into sadist secularism", aptly sums up the purpose behind the Government's appalling attempt to mock at Hindu faith and tradition. Indeed, had it not been for Mr Advani's forceful protest and the prospect of being confronted with a huge Hindu backlash because of its ill-advised though fully intended denigration of Lord Ram, the Government would not have scurried for cover on Thursday and declared that it would "withdraw" the scurrilous paragraphs of Wednesday's affidavit through a supplementary affidavit. It is as amusing to hear Union Law Minister HR Bhardwaj wax eloquent on popular faith -- "The existence of Ram cannot be doubted. As Himalaya is Himalaya, Ganga is Ganga, Ram is Ram. There is no requirement of any proof to establish his existence" -- as it is laughable to learn that the Government's shame-faced turnaround follows the Congress president's 'disapproval'. Where was this wisdom and concern for Hindu faith when the original affidavit was being drafted? Which brings us to the question: Who in the political establishment ordered the attack on Lord Ram? This particularly vile episode of Congress's perverted 'secularism' cannot be considered to be over unless responsibility is fixed. Meanwhile, the destruction of India's cultural heritage should be stopped immediately: Ram Setu is a symbol of popular Hindu faith and its preservation is a national imperative.

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