Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunita Williams : I took pictures of Ram Setu from space

Indian-American NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, who spent a record 195 days in space, is in India on a visit. The 42-year-old astronaut is cheerfully welcomed by mesmerized crowds wherever she visits. She can be said to be the true Ms India, who has etched her name in the Indian hearts.

To the pleasant surprise to many, and to the chagrin of some political quarters, the celebrated NASA astronaut told an audience in Gujarat that she had clicked pictures of the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

From her narrations about a world without boundaries to children in her ancestral village of Jhulasan, she also urged children in Ahmedabad to become astronauts and break her own record. If Sunita appealed to the youth with her record achievements, her father’s simplicity and his approach in bringing up a daughter so global yet so grounded to her roots, tugged at people’s hearts.

Sunita is the cousin of Haren Pandya, BJP leader and former Gujarat home minister who was assassinated in 2003 by the terrorists.

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