Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Committee seeks more time

4 November 2007, UNI
Considering the large volume of work, the Expert Committee on Sethusamudram channel project has sought extension of time from government for completion of the project.

The Committee, was required to submit its report within one month from the day it started functioning. The Committee has decided to meet again on November 14th and 15th, at Chennai after completion of personal hearings, said an official release.

Over 130 persons appeared before the Committee till yesterday and expressed their views on wide range of issues varying from economic viability to environmental, navigational, security, historical, religious, social and developmental factors, the release said.

Dr. Ramachandran, who is chairman of the SSCP Commmity of Eminent Persons, presented a shawl to M Karunanidhi on 1-10-2007, when the latter was staging a fast against the Judgement of the Supreme Court imposing a ban on the DMK bandh.

Can people of India expect imparitial, unbiased and objective attitude from this person bowing to M Karunanidhi like a devotee to his Lord? But he is appointed to head the committee to consider the objections and suggestion to the SSCP.

What a Joke!

How fair is the committee - it is evident by looking at who are the people on it:

S. Ramachandran
M. Sakthivel,
Dilip K. Biswas,
J.R.B. Alfred

Above have been paid members of Environmental Monitoring Committee of the project, therefore derive direct benefits from the SSCP. Besides S Ramachandran's political ideology is out in the open, as shown above.

RK Jain, Indian Ports Association - a society reporting to the Ministry of Shipping
S.R. Wate, NEERI, contracted with Sethusamudram Corporation
P. Jagadeesan, member of Tamilnadu State Planning Commission;

All of the above are directly under the control of TR Baalu and M Karunanidhi - can do nothing outside the bidding of their ministers.

RS Sharma
K Paddayya
Y. Vaikuntham

These people are declared and time-tested Marxist ideologues with pronounced hostility to Hindutva, and open anti-hindu bias.

Does anyone still expect any honesty and objectivity from the above Committee of Eminent Persons on SSCP?

Dr. Subramanyan Swamy has rightly observed - this committee is BARC - Baalu's Anti-Ram Committee!

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