Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rama Setu and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

...Tonight was reading a book i bought from my Shirdi visit a few days ago, Baba's Rinanubandh. The book deals with Rinanubandh, karmic debt of past lives of Shirdi Sai Baba with his many loved devotees.

One devotee that stands apart in Rinanubandh was Shama. Shama was the closest of Sai Baba, and shared a relationship of a closest friend, with Saibaba, the one with the greatest of the greatest, God. Shama would speak with Sai Baba, as a closest friend speaks, quite knowing the stature of Sai Baba.

Once the following incident took place. Shama asked Sai Baba, " Kaya Re" ( a slang use in Marathi, to address the closest of friends, otherwise it would enrage the other person as a mark of disrespect). "Deva (Shama always use to address Sai Baba by Deva, meaning God) it is written in Ramayana that Lord Rama got a bridge built by 1 crore (10 million) monkeys. This bridge (is called Setu) spanned the sea, so Lord Rama and his troops could cross the sea and reach Lanka. There He waged war with Ravana and vanquished him. Deva, is this true."

Sai Baba replied, "Yes this is true. The sea is real and Lord Rama was really there."

Shama inquired, "Deva, where did so many monkeys sit? And how did they sit?

Sai Baba replied, "They sat on the trees and clung to the branches. They looked like myriads of ants."

Then Shama asked Sai Baba, which perhaps only he could lovingly dare, "Did You see this with your own eyes?"

Sai Baba replied, "Yes, yes I saw them with my own eyes. Alright Shama."

Shama again said what only he could lovingly dare, "When I first saw You, You hardly had a stubble of mustache (a popular way in India to suggest youngness). Then how and when did You go to see 'Vanar Sena(troops of monkeys) Re.' "

Sai Baba replied, " Shamyaa (as He lovingly called Shama) you and I have been together for many generations. I remember them but you do not."

In wonders Shama asked, "How old were You then?"

Sai Baba, "Just as you see me now."

Shama could not grasp the immensity of this spiritual fact or truth. He persisted, "Is this really true?"

Sai Baba as always, "Have I ever lied sitting here in the Dwarkamai? What I say is true. I swear by you."

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