Thursday, November 1, 2007

Karunanidhi's Oral Malfunction continues...

Shekhar Dasgupta interviewed M Karunanidhi recently. A couple of questions and responses from the interview:

SD: People in the Congress are not happy. They think you made a statement that the Valmiki Ramayan describes Lord Ram as a drunkard.
MK: Yes, please read it. Even now I say that Valmiki has written that. What does Valmiki say? He says, ‘Hanuman tells Sita that because of being separated from her Ram has not touched any liquor.’ Tell me, does this not figure in Valmiki? I’ll show you Valmiki (Ramayan).

SD: Have you read the Valmiki Ramayan?
MK: Yes. The Valmiki Ramayan and the Tulsidas Ramayan too. In fact, in the Tulsidas Ramayan, Sita is not Ram’s wife but his sister. Only in the Valmiki Ramayan is she his wife. In many versions of Ramayan, she is his sister.

We have a TN chief minister who is so learned it seems!

Not sure which Valmiki and Tulasi Ramayana he is talking about!
Here we post the link to the online resources of both versions of Ramayana - Valmiki and Tulasidas - and allow people to find out for themselves about the oral or mental malfunction of M Karunanidhi.

Rama-charita-manasa of Tulasidas (PDF Downloadable, thanks to Gita Press)
Valmiki Ramayanam (Online Reading)

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