Friday, February 29, 2008

Latest affidavit adventures of UPA

Does anything else interest our political parties, especially Congress and UPA allies other than politics? Things like National Interest? Reigious sentiments of people?

The latest news suggests that UPA Govt has submitted its updated affidavit in the Supreme Court for the hearing on March 5 deadline, in which they are:

- asserting that there is no evidence to determine whether Ram Sethu is man-made or not, and nor is it scientifically possible or within ASI's abilities to ascertain
- and since there is no such evidence available, they are inclined to go ahead with the project as it is.
- stating that no government policy can ever be determined by the issues of faith
- therefore, ask court to allow re-starting the dredging near the Ram Sethu

NEW DELHI: The Centre on Friday filed a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court on the controversial Sethusamudram project seeking vacation of its interim orders putting on hold any damage to Ram Setu.

The 60-page affidavit, cleared by the Cabinet Committee of Political Affairs (CCPA) chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said the government respects all religions but was of view that it should not be called upon to respond to issues of faith, except in recognising their existence.

The amended affidavit assumes significance as it has been filed after the Centre in September last withdrew its two affidavits in which it had questioned the existence of Lord Ram and Ram Setu.

Following an outcry led by the Sangh Parivar over the controversial affidavit, the apex court on September 14, 2007 had allowed the Centre to re-examine the entire material afresh to review the Rs 2,087 crore project.

However, it had continued the operation of its August 31 interim order restraining any damage to Ram Setu or Adams Bridge.

The Court in its interim order had allowed the dredging activity for the project to the extent that it did not in anyway damage the Ram Setu.

While withdrawing the affidavits, the Centre had said "it has total respect for all religions, and Hinduism in particular, in the context of the present case. The Central Government is alive and conscious of the religious sensibilities, including the unique, ancient and holy text of Ramayana"

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