Saturday, February 9, 2008

Superstar Rajnikanth to finally take the political plunge, for protecting Ramar Sethu?

Will Rajnikanth enter politics? It has been asked many times over, and the man in question himself has been ambiguous and obtuse about it, leaving the conundrum unresolved to a satisfaction.

However one of the issues that maybe impelling him to take the plunge is Ramar Sethu.

According to the news channel IBN, which has quoted Rajni’s biographer, Dr Gaythri Sreekanth, the superstar disguised himself to attend a political rally on the Ramar Sethu issue.

‘Rajni was very curious to know what was happening on the Ramar Sethu issue. More than the media, he wanted to know what was happening at political rallies.

So he disguised himself and went to a public meeting and sat with the crowds, listened to the meeting and then came back’ Dr Gayathri, author of the biography, titled The Name is Rajnikanth, has been quoted as saying.

The ophthalmologist, who has written the superstar’s biography also says that Rajni’s political awareness is very interesting.

‘It’s inevitable that he enters politics not because of pressure, but because he can make a lot of difference,’ she says.

Political pundits here, however, attribute a lot of significance to the latest revelations by Rajni’s biographer. Rajni attending the Ramar Sethu meeting is significant, says one long-time watcher of the actor.

‘He is known to harbour some serious opinions on the issue and he wants the hoary Ramar Sethu to be safe-guarded. And if it comes to making some political moves for that, he wouldn’t hesitate.

His conviction is such,’ says the political pundit. It maybe recalled that Rajni had openly and controversially made bold to broach the subject with Chief Minister M Karunanidhi.

During the State government film awards function, Rajni pointedly drew the attention of Karunanidhi, who is seen as an intransigent hawk on the SSCP, and told him to use his good offices with the Centre to sort out the matter.

But now with Karunanidhi and his cohorts hardly budging from their hard stance, it is no surprise that Rajni is contemplating other drastic measures.

Reported by
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