Friday, March 14, 2008

Sethusamudram articles won Priyanka Narain CNN Young Journalist of The Year for 2007

A brilliant series of articles on the Sethusamudram project have won Mint’s Priyanka Narain the CNN Young Journalist of the Year award for 2007.

In September 2007, Priyanka authored a four-part series on the environmental and economic implications of the Sethusamudram project. That, along with a follow-up on the budget far exceeding projections and loans unlikely to be honoured, have forced government officials to answer questions—and demand them—on the Rs2,600 crore project.

Priyanka’s reporting and writing took the bridge out of religious rhetoric and peeled back layers to report from different angles such as environmental and economic issues.

Congratulations to Priyanka, and we hope to read more from her on Sethusamudram issue.

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