Friday, July 25, 2008

Fali Nariman LYING about padma purANa!!!

Fali Nariman is lying (or bluffing) in the supreme court on behalf of his DMK-Congress masters. Just completed the reference check in padma mahApurANa, and the lawyer is a liar.

The padma purANa comprises of 55,000 shloka-s arranged into 5 books: sR^iShTi-khaNDa, bhUmi-khaNDa, swarga khaNDa, uttama khaNDa and pAtAla khaNDa. The last book, the pAtAla khaNDa, contains among other subjects, a mysterious version of the story of the 8 viShNu avatAra-s, upto kR^iShNa (not balarAma). The story of rAma is the largest among these (and very interesting - some events are described in a pretty unique way!!!) Chapter 116 of this section, known as shiva-rAghava-saMvAde-purAkalpIya-rAmAyaNa-kathanaM, deals with the events under discussion here. And there are pretty intriguing things described in it - by far the most singularly unique description I have seen of how vAnara-senA crossed the sea - widely differing from the accounts of vAlmIki, mahAbhArata, skanda purANa and other rAmAyaNa-s. While I shall try to fill in more details later about what the purANa says, there is absolutely no mention of the sort of things that the lying lawyer has reported in the Supreme Court attributing to this purANa - having went through these shloka-s as carefully as I could!

To update later with details

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