Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sethusamudram comes up in the (no-)Trust Vote debate in the Parliament

Speaking against the Trust Motion, The Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha L K Advani brought up the issue of the Sethusamudram shipping canal project and the government's affidavit in the Supreme Court putting a question mark on the existence of Lord Ram.

At this, the speaker intervened to ask whether or not it was "sub judice".

Advani replied by saying that the government was forced to withdraw the affidavit following countrywide protests.

There is noise all over the house, while Somnath Chatterji said 'please, please', with all the effectiveness of an umbrella in a typhoon.

T R Baalu stood up and wanted to say something. He did not seem to listen to the Speaker, who has in the last few minutes said a dozen times that he will allow Balu to respond when the time comes. Baalu was not audible in what he said.

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