Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

TR Baalu's Take on the Court's comments - Tamil daily Dinamani
Summarized Translation of Tamil report:

TR Baalu was asked by a reporter: Madras HC has asked if it is possible to implement Setu project without touching Rama Setu.

TR Baalu's answer: There is no structure in the Setu Project area which is man-made and which has been proved so scientifically. Former Central Minister Uma Bharati had ordered and based on an investigation done by geologists it has been proved that there is no man-made structure. So, affidavits will be submitted to the Court based on scientific facts. UPA Government has no intention whatsoever to hurt sentiments of anyone belonging to any religion. (End of interview)

साहित्यिक एवँ पौराणिक आख्यानोँ मेँ श्रीरामसेतु - श्रीयुत चन्द्र प्रकाश सिँह
An excellent paper in Hindi by Sri Chandra Prakash Singh, that explores Sri Ram Setu in the literary and Pauranik traditions.

Widening Ramar Sethu can amplify tsunamis - Rediff Interviews Prof Tad S Murty, tsunami expert.

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