Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007 Destruction Status - 17.57%

Honorable Supreme Court of India had, earlier this month, recalled the PIL hearings from Madras High Court, and then given 4 weeks of notice to the Government of India to respond. Not only the Honorable courts not give any stay, but also allowed Government 4 weeks to respond on the questions of why not declare Ram Setu as a national monument and why not realign canal without touching the Rama Setu.

A month is enough for the Government of the communist-christianist-Dravidist anti-India nexus to silently accomplish the irreparable damage in the Setu area. And indeed, with a complete contempt for the Court, they are doing it!!

As per the project's official website

17.57 % of dredging in Setu area is complete as of July 26, 2007.
______ Total Dredging Quantity - 4,80,50,000 cum
______ Dredged Quantity - 8444658 cum till 26/7/2007

This progress was 14% on July 17, 2007. Which means with this rate, they don't need a lot of time to finish off the remaining dredging in the Setu Area.

This means, while the Honorable court patiently awaits the government to obediently respond to its questions in 4 weeks, government is silently and religiously dredging away the Setu area. Why the nonsense of preparing the response to the court, while Setu would have been irreparably damaged by then?

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